Hammer dulcimers and related items


The 15/14 - 3 octave hammer dulcimers. 


Long side:  39 3/4 inches.
Short side: 23 Inches.
Front to back: 19 1/4 inches.
Height including bridges:  4 1/2 inches 
Weight: 16 pounds average. Varies slightly depending on wood weight.
String Spacing:

1 1/4 inch between courses.


Physically these are all the same size but they vary in appearance depending on wood choices and stains.  The standard is Hard Maple pinblocks, natural Birch plywood tops and bottoms, Oak trim band, and Maple bridges with dark wood markers.  The finish is satin lacquer for ease of finish repair should it become necessary and to reduce glare.

Tuning pins are used on both sides to allow the use of plain strings without loops.  Each course is 2 individual wires for ease of tuning and to prevent the complete loss of the note until the broken wire is replaced.  All strings are standard solid steel music wire, readily available at any piano repair shop or any hammer dulcimer maker, should replacement become necessary.

The bridge caps are 1/8 inch hard brass on the treble bridge and a 1/8 inch hardwood dowel on the bass bridge.  The 2 side rods are 3/16 inch hardwood dowel rods. As with any hammer dulcimer, over time the string tension will cut deep groves in these.  The rods on the side serve to lift the strings a little above the pinblocks and tops, and to prevent the wires from cutting into both.  All 4 are easily replaceable when it becomes necessary or if you wish to change the tone and sustain.  A brass rod on the bridges gives a bit of bell like tone while a softer rod such as Delrin will give a softer sound.  The rods on the side are hardwood to dampen down the sustain some. 

This is a sound clip of just walking some chords from low to high and a few other things.  It should give you some idea of the overall sound of these. 

The basic price is $450 and tax, if applicable, + shipping ground and insurance any where in the continental US.  Most options will not affect the price.




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